Against the Grain

Instead of conforming to all other pet food companies’ traditions of making foods, who use a top-down approach when creating pet food, Against the Grain started with a bottom-up approach. We first asked, “What is the best pet food that can be made, then how do we make it.” The end result offers the smartest choice for a healthy and happy pet. All of our foods are minimally processed, and all processing methods are designed to ensure that the integrity of the proteins, vitamins, and natural enzymes are maintained.

Against the Grain uses all fresh ingredients, and has designed all foods to be grain-free and gluten-free. We NEVER use corn, wheat, or soy. We have taken steps to use sustainable and green resources; our fresh-caught fish-based cat canned foods are dolphin-safe and turtle-safe. Our meat products are all GMO and hormone free. Finally, we use the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging, and use strictly skylights in our manufacturing plant.  We love making these products for you, and thank you for seeking out our foods for your beloved companions