Shopping online has never been more convenient or essential than this past year. However, that convenience has come at the expense of our beloved neighborhood shops that have helped build our communities' fabric. Now you can love the convenience of shopping for your pets online and enjoy the knowledge that you are supporting a small independent family-run business.  

Sunset Pet Supply started in 2004 in San Francisco's Sunset neighborhood on the Pacific Ocean's edge. We are a business informed by place and its people. Surfer's dropping in on winter swells, dogs running on the beach, and crisp foggy mornings reminding you how great it is to be alive are in our DNA.

Today we are in the La Plata mountains of Colorado with flowing rivers, snow-capped peaks, and, yes, dogs running on the beach. For over 15 years, we were the little pet shop with a big heart, and now we are bringing our heart to your family with this online store. We will always be a business grounded in the beauty of the relationships between people, their pets, and the spaces we share.

Hola, i'm sanford

I love the beaches of Mexico, mom's peach cobbler, music festivals, and snowboarding. Helping people have a better life with their pets has been my life's work, and I am thrilled to meet you.

Suzanne is my name

Suzanne speaks both Japanese and the Ghanaian dialect Twi with aplomb. She can ride a bike like greased lightning and earned a blackbelt in Japan. She is the backbone of this family and our guiding star.

The way of the J

Our son Jordan is a fun critter! He loves racing BMX, skateboarding, skiing, and much more. He brings good vibes and big laughs along for the ride, and we think he's the cat's pajamas.

I'm Sabre and I do dog stuff

I like to chase Jordan, eat deer poop and run till I can't stay on my feet. I love mountain life, and I have no idea what this family would have done if I had not rescued them.